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Mechanisms of Ayurveda Nano-Cellopathy

Teeming with Nature’s goodness, this new approach works quickly and intelligently through cell membranes to provide relief and treatment by bringing the functioning of the body back into harmony. It follows a holistic approach in comparison to the usual symptomatic approach.   Devoid of any added chemicals, these oil blends have absolutely no side-effects and promote good health and promote strong immunity even among healthy people.

Some key aspects that make these blends more effective are:

  • Used topically a few drops are rubbed in for 15-20 seconds till absorbed
  • Since they follow the non metabolised route, their action is direct, safe and effective
  • They penetrate the “unhealthy or diseased cells” very quickly
  • They don’t get become “inactive or degraded/metabolized or transformed” in the process
  • The compounds are non toxic without any added chemicals and follow a root cause approach to treating ailments; for e.g. in high blood sugar the applied oil blend helps the cells normalise their state and absorb the sugar which has been disturbed by cell oxidation, inflammation and other factors; in an anti viral formulation the ply herbal blend works in multiple ways to boost the immune system as well as neutralise the viral strain through increased cell oxygenation and interferon pathways.
  • Makes the whole cycle effective- nature friendly- holistic

Amongst other ailments, “Ayurveda Nano-Cellopathy” has shown promising results on supporting health and wellness against different infections, inflammation and pain, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS), Osteoarthritis and many cosmetic interventions.

Such a holistic approach ensures better treatment and homeostasis, reducing the need for repeated treatments and leads to increase in human well being. Improved wellness is known to improve the country’s manpower efficiency, reduce the health expenditure, enhance the quality of life and the HR quality of a nation.

At Yogic Naturals, we have perfected this art of blending different plant extracts to support Wellness. Blending tradition of Ayurveda with modern diagnostics and scientific studies is the hallmark of our approach wherein we are just not natural, but effective Yogic Naturals.

Following our philosophy of scientifically validating the traditional knowledge, we have invested considerable time and resource in numerous double blind placebo/medicine controlled clinical studies that have been conducted by an independent Clinical Research Organisation headed by an ex MD from AIIMS. These studies followed the international GCP guidelines and were under the aegis of the Clinical Trial Registry of India.

  1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS): with an impact factor of 10cr women in India, this addresses a problem deeper than mere healthcare. The social impact of PCOS and its effects on the women is of critical importance.
  2. Primary Dysmenorrhea: impact close to 35 cr women every month in India.
  3. Acne
  4. Excessive Hair fall
  5. Piles and Haemorrhoids
  6. Corns and Callous
  7. Osteoarthritis: with an impact of over 30cr knee replacements over then next 15 years this is a unique treatment that can treat debilitating pain, joint health and save tremendous amount of money for the individual and families. A vital and viable alternative to knee replacement and critical for our economic wellbeing.
  8. Air pollution and pathogen control technology: a unique spray filled with the goodness of plant extracts that float in the air to reduce pollution and eliminate air pathogens.
    1. Paper accepted and published in the Journal on Air Pollution & Health:
    2. Paper accepted and published in the Journal on Chemical and Biological Weapons:

This technology opens up vistas in tackling bio terror and health care epidemics of the like of SARS and COVID19 the current Novel Corona pandemic.

The strive for excellence is unending. With 95.4% world population ailing (as per a Lancet study), the task is cut out. Touch the lives of as many people as possible in an non intrusive, genteel way that is in tune with the principles of nature and natural living. The aim is to complement the existing healthcare systems and bridge gaps and build competencies in therapies that impact humanity.