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Winner of Dettol Innovate Challenge for preventing spread of infectious micro organisms through Air & Hand – WHIFF Bio Spray & Clean Up


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Bio-organisms are a serious threat to mankind today. With the increasing resistance to antibiotics and few discoveries in new antibiotics, the healthcare risks of individuals and societies have increased manifold. Two common mediums of coming in contact with bio-agents are hand and air.  We have developed a comprehensive solution to protect you from the infectious bio-agents.

Whiff Bio-Spray is  a  100% natural spray, using plant-based extracts which is a simple, safe and effective herbal solution to counter bio-organisms.  The herbal contents of the bio-spray act as neutralizing agents which float in the air to neutralize bio- organisms in the air. Tested by independent labs on different pathogens the bio-spray covers the area with the help of micro-fog.  The micro-fog system enables the slow release of  neutralizing  agents  in  the  bio-spray  to float  in  the  air  to  neutralize  the  air  bio- organisms .

Clean Up is a 100% natural hand sanitizer that moisturizes skin along with protection from pathogens, and that too without alcohol! An anti-pathogenic hand care solution that nourishes skin from deep with to keep it soft, supple, itch free and clean.

This moisturizing hand sanitizer is safe for use by children and adults alike too. Clean Up helps you keep your hands clean and germ free. Compared with alcohol-based sanitisers, this unique blend of plant oils helps moisturize hands while providing  them comprehensive care naturally. Popular with school children and kids, this is an ideal travel accompaniment with anyone who is interested in hygiene on the move.

Formulated with 100% natural plant extracts with potent properties, this hand care product is moisturising and prevents the spread of disease causing pathogens. It is free of alcohol and is a blend of natural plant extracts in Aloe vera to keep your skin safe and hydrated.

Clean up and Whiff Bio-Spray employ Plant Nanocellopathy – the art and science of blending pure plant extracts in its ‘nano’ form. A unique blend of anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antiseptic plant oils that maintains and supports clean hands and healthy lifestyle, this unique formulation also has a great aroma!

Directions: Whiff Bio-Spray – Spray every 4 hours for good results.




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