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Supports in Viral fever- Elixir (AV) + Whiff (P)

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Elixir (AV) and Whiff (P) combo for Anti-Viral Support:

Elixir AV Oil is a unique blend of plant oils that seems to have an almost magical quality. The blend contains plant oils that are known to have potent anti-viral properties. As a result, Elixir helps to maintain health and supports body wellbeing against different viruses. Useful for all ages, this plant oil blend has a long-lasting uplifting aroma.

Whiff (P) blend is a part of the support oil blends for respiratory and viral fever distress conditions. A unique and powerful blend that helps support recovery of the normal functioning of the body in viral attacks leading to colds, flu, and fever.

A unique blend of plant oils with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral properties that support and help maintain a healthy immunity. Useful for all ages, the blended oil provides effective support during flu, colds and fever. Naturally!

The dosage is a few drops rubbed in the relevant areas. Dosage and detailed instructions for use shall be shared separately.



Viruses are like hijackers. They invade living, normal cells and use those cells to multiply and produce other viruses like themselves. Viral Infections such as common cold, flu, warts, Chikungunia, Dengue, H1N1 etc. are all debilitating diseases that inhibit optimal functioning of the body. Serious infections such as HIV/AIDS, smallpox, and Ebola can be life threatening too.

The best way to prevent a viral attack is usually a vaccination. With over 300 viruses and their manifestations, relief & cure is difficult due to multiple viruses and their different strains. In several cases, there are no vaccines for viral infections & conventional medicines provide only palliative care. The only option is to adopt measures to boost immunity. Cure is seldom easy and at best, viral infections can be managed effectively by aiding the body’s natural defence mechanism. As a general rule have plenty of liquids and take adequate rest.


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How to Use

viral fever: Elixir AV (F) and Whiff(P): Apply along the spine and under each foot.




4 reviews for Supports in Viral fever- Elixir (AV) + Whiff (P)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    R. C. Gupta (74 year)

    In 2016 September, I suffered from Chikungunya. I was undergoing fever with chill, body aches, weakness, and difficulty speaking. The fever went up to 102 degrees. I was taking allopathic medicines for fever, allergy and pains. They provided temporary relief but then, the pain would be back. Then, I was introduced to Gods Own Store, and I used

    a. Whiff (P) and Elixir (F ) oils, a few drops, along the spine, twice daily
    b. MSM (M) oil, 3-4 drops on affected area, twice a day.
    After using Whiff (P) and Sudarshan AVoils, the fever came down within 2 days. As I was also suffering from Osteoarthritis for the last 12 years as well as Cervical Spondilitis, the Chikungunya made the joint pains worse. I was taking pain killers but they weren’t effective. The doctor from GOS gave me MSM (M) oil for the joint pains and Cervical related pains. Within a few days of applying the oil, the pains felt much better.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Samia Sharma (45 Years)

    I came down with a bad attack of Chikungunya. I had high fever, touching 103-104 degrees and terrible pain in my joints. On the 2nd day of my fever, I got rashes al over my body. I was taking allopathic medication but there was no relief in pain.

    I was given Whiff (P)and (Elixir (F) for fever. Within 2 days my fever came back to normal and my pains also became much better.
    “It’s been about 25 days since I came to GOS last…. there is a lot relief in my pains and symptoms…I I continue to apply Go Go Pain Relief for my joint pains”.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anita Moga (47 Year)

    I was suffering from high grade fever, with body pains. Was taking Paracetamol for fever but I had only temporary relief. Then, I applied the both oils, a few drops along the spine and under the feet. This was to be applied every 1-2 hours. Within 3 days, my temperature had come back to normal!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Poorvi Agarwal (14 Year)

    I (Poorvi’s Father) took my daughter to Gods Own Store with Cold and Fever.Her friend at school told her about the oils and got them for her. She used the oils, 4-5 drops to be applied along the spine and massage gently. After applying the oils, she experienced less congestion on the first day and on the second day, there was less cough!

    “It was very good and relieving. My daughter had bad cough which almost went away with the Whiff. Very happy to use this product.”

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