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“In modern medicine, we have a name for everything, but a cure for nothing.”
– Dr. Charles F Glassman …but we believe Nature has a cure for everything.

Vedas go beyond belief:

Four Vedas- Four parts to each Veda- a over 5000 years old treatise of knowledge that is a compendium of vast knowledge.

Defining knowledge that fosters harmony within man and harmony between man and nature. This is the essence of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Reinvented: The Working Principle:

The basic underlying approach of ‘Aarogya’ (wellbeing) forms the basis of what we have termed- “Ayurveda Nano-Cellopathy”.    This is based on an understanding of the different plant oils & herbal extracts.   Their mutual synergy can never be accomplished without the Benevolence and Blessings of Maa Sarawati (the Goddess of Knowledge).

Ayurveda Nano Cellopathy utilises the therapeutic qualities of different plant extracts & oils to evoke and support the body’s own intrinsic healing power. These blend of ploy herbal oils & extracts support the body in achieving what it does naturally — seeking homeostasis, balance, optimal health & wellness.

Using extracts of different plants with medicinal properties, facilitates the body’s own healing power at the nano or cellular level, allowing the body’s systems to effectively balance different interconnected systems; repair critical processes and support health & wellness.

Using this approach, we have not designed or developed mere products, but have developed a new technology platform and evolved a new paradigm where our product range is not limited to the above range but encompasses a wide gamut of human ailments. Tested, safe and effective, our products are like a new dawn.

This approach has resulted in our commitment to quality, safety and efficacy with the following certifications as a testimony to our adherence to standards above the ordinary natural product:

  • AYUSH licenses by the Government
  • WHO- GMP certification for Good Manufacturing Practices
  • ISO 9002 a robust system certification of following processes and adhering to quality standards
  • Free Sale Certification for unrestricted sale of our products

The therapeutic nature and protective qualities of plants have been highly revered for centuries. Different ancient cultures have used medicinal qualities of plants for health, healing, prayer, beauty, and purification. Their use has been well documented in diverse cultures including Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as in ancient Eastern medical texts from China and India. Enough studies have been carried out on the therapeutic properties of different plants and their extracts that indicate clearly that these plant extracts/oils are intelligent extracts full of nature’s goodness that support & protect human wellness.

Modern science continues to validate what the ancients have known all along. Research has established that plant extracts/ oils are highly unique substances and that they may address some of the unmet challenges of today’s health care- to reduce pain and inflammation, ease stress, boost the immune system, act as quick intervention for colds and flu, combat mold and airborne germs, and neutralise toxins.

Plant or Ayurveda Nanocellopathy is part of the ancient Indian wisdom on health. Healing holistically is naturally enshrined in the Indian Ethos. However commercially it is much misused (& maybe even abused) word leading it to be labeled amongst the alternate therapies.

The beauty of Ayurveda Nanocellopathy can be seen in the natural molecular composition enabling easy absorption by the dermal layer. Using an approach that is simple, direct and strategically infused, these oils are used only topically reducing many undesirable side effects and complications of metabolisation process.


As a philosophy, we follow our internal manual referred to as the “Green Book of Health” to skill and train people in the fine art of blending. Our belief in – “… all human suffering has its antidote in Nature. We only need to discover the same” has made us strive to research extracts and their usefulness to man. This quest for elixir continues and never stops at Yogic Naturals.

What started many years ago as a small humble Seva to society and mankind, is today Yogic Naturals- a brand that stands for safe, effective and quality products. Our aim is to bring Wellness Naturally to every man’s door step to give him/her a choice in choosing a healthy and happier life style.

Come experience the power of Nature through effective Yogic Naturals.

Amul S Bahl: the Innovator

Amul S Bahl- a known exponent of Vedanta is a harmonious blend of modern science and ancient Vedic philosophy. An M.Tech from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Amul has been an innovator all through his life.

Ayurvedic Nanocellopathy: Developed after 26 years of research on the synergies of different plant extracts and their healing algorithms. Some of the salient features are:

  1. Topical use only treatment (only a few drops of oil rubbed for 15 seconds at strategic points)
  2. No added chemicals, heavy metals etc.
  3. Safe, Scientific and effective
  4. No ingestion of medicine- Non metabolised
  5. Direct & Targeted- Fast acting- Ease of use
  6. 8 patents under process

This developed technology transforms our nation from being a technology junkyard to developer of science & technology in the area of wellness and healthcare.

With innovative solutions in Low Cost Mass Education, Electrical Engineering, & now blended plant oils for human Aarogya(Wellness), Amul aims to make healthcare truly effective, nature friendly and holistic. Self funded mass impact based innovations yet Amul is a simple, hard working individual who strives for perfection (if there is such a thing) in all his endeavours and actions.

A quiet individual who introspects deeply Amul has also been recorded answering terse questions on life, Upanishads, Bhagavad Geeta in a simple lucid manner. These are available under the “Ananda Sutras by Amul S Bahl” on Youtube channel.

Professional Credentials:

  • Founder of Shradha HRD Private Limited (2003 onwards), an organization that seeks to Improve Employability through focused and customized training solutions.  Without any support from the Government, Shradha HRD has trained over 750,000 executives across a variety of industries and organizations.   Recognising the importance of gainful employment for Indian youth, Shradha HRD focuses on innovative solutions including a digital platform for implementing low cost skill development for the HRD sector with an aim to Skill- Educate- Train India.
  • As a “Life Coach” Amul has coached & mentored leaders at various companies (multinationals as well as family run businesses) on enhancing overall efficiencies & leading a holistically ‘better’ life. His solutions are based on systemic thinking as opposed to a piece-meal approach to management and work. A happiness through Swadharma approach as opposed to the vicious goal achievement circle.(A series of 8 parts- Blueprint of Happiness- Ananda Sutras Youtube channel)
  • Ex Director of Logicstat group (1989- 2001) – India’s leading and most trusted brand for complete range of power conditioning products, focused on R& D, innovation and product development for reliable, economical & dependable products and energy efficient solutions. Out of the box solutions led to improvements in product design, manufacturing processes, company culture and ethos, customer service and a 40% savings in cost and improved efficiency.
  • Logicstat, recognized as an R & D centre by the Government of India & awarded by NRDC for innovations in technology. Logicstat developed “Ozonator water purifiers” in India for the first time in 1990. However, it did not commercialize this technology due to ethical beliefs and only sold units at cost price to enable people to have pure natural wholesome drinking water in the comfort of their homes without using any chemicals or consumables or devoid of the natural minerals.
  • Guest faculty for a large number of NGO’s, leading schools and colleges on Vedanta based management principles with a focus on ethics in business.
  • Author of five books on life and living.
  • Felicitated for Academic, professional and civic achievements by International “Who’s Who Historical Society- 2001”
  • Profiled amongst the top 20 ethical & spiritually oriented business leaders of India 1998 by Life Positive Magazine

Values that inspire and guide us at God’s Own Store:

(Disclaimer: Our products are not intended for self diagnosis and treatment. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as individual or generic medical advice. Please consult a doctor or health care provider for any ailment or disease). To connect with a healthcare professional please call +91-9250090056 or 9250090027.

Do not use any oil product internally that does not have the appropriate dietary supplement facts on its label or without asking your healthcare profession.


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